The Goddess Aknitta
©2002 Elizabeth Kay
oil on linen

The Goddess Aknitta
Patron of Fabric Arts, Spinning Tales,
Altering Sleeves and Brain Waves

In a quiet room, just to the left of the Universal Mind,
lives the Goddess Aknitta, busily knitting the world into
flying wings, chevrons and eyelet lattices, serpentine cables,
and other intriguing patterns. A sociable soul, Aknitta is
a friend of Akganesha, the tireless elephant who never lets
obstacles get in the way of another pair of socks. She shares
a good yarn with Spider Woman, gossips about ewe-know-who
with the Wool-Gathering Club (whose skeins of thread magically
replenish themselves), and spins fairy tales with the Wise Old Woman.
Aknitta has been around since time immemorial, gently but
persistently needling humanity in the right direction.

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