"The Photo Temptress"
©2006 Elizabeth Kay
oil on oak

Patron of Photography Dealers
and Auction Houses

Charmingly irresistible, the Photo Temptress is well versed in the arts of photography and conversation. Art lovers seek the sanctuary of her salon as a refuge from the boisterous world of popular culture. Dealers and investors also drop in from time to time. In her elegant gallery she entices visitors into buying rare and expensive photographs, preferably vintage. An inspirational hostess, she amuses, educates and enlightens patrons with witty repartee, yet tact and discretion are among her greatest virtues. But beware! Behind her easy going charm the Photo Temptress means business. Bedazzled by a photograph or two that will vastly enrichen their lives, visitors quickly succumb to temptation. A hearty handshake . . . et, voilà! Fait accompli!

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